Monday, 4 June 2012

Travel tips for an eco-friendly holiday

Before your holiday
1.      Start with opting for e tickets and boarding passes on your phone instead of printing out paper tickets (if your airline offers the option)
2.      Cancel the newspaper for the days you are away
3.      Make sure you unplug all your appliances and shut all lights & fans

During your holiday
4.      Cycle with the family to get around to places close by to the hotel instead of hailing a cab every time
5.      Be sure to turn off extra power consuming devices if your are heading out - hotel room Television/ AC and lights
6.      Reduce laundry usage in the hotel: don’t ask housekeeping to change your towels, sheets every day.
7.      Do not litter your surroundings at your holiday spot especially when hiking or trekking in the outdoors.
8.      Find accommodation that is walking distance to the attractions you want to visit or at least walking distance from local trains, subways instead of taking cabs and hiring cars
9.      Take pictures and leave the location as you found it. Never remove wildlife from it’s natural environment including shells, flowers and coral
10.  Use re-chargeable batteries for your gadgets

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