Friday, 17 August 2012

Indian travellers’ Top 15 attractions from across the globe, unveiled by TripAdvisor

Walk into history, discover architectural magnificence and admire the grandeur of these places as TripAdvisor® , world’s largest travel site, unveils a list of 15 favourite international attractions of Indian travellers. The list is based on the valuable reviews and ratings of Indian travellers who have visited these attractions.  
The list captures unique international attractions which are most highly reviewed and rated on TripAdvisor by Indian travellers, and are must see recommendations for those planning to visit any of these destinations. The attractions range from modern and ancient architectural marvels to primeval ruins as well as a mountain landmark, public park, fountain and one of the world’s largest shopping centres.
Aside from usual suspects like the Eiffel tower and Colloseum, the list also includes three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, famous not only for their cultural significance but architectural brilliance as well. The most recently built attraction in the list is the Burj Khalifa (829.84 m or 2,723 ft), the tallest building in the world, home to the world’s highest restaurant, nightclub and swimming pool, and recently in the news when Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise scaled its towering frame for his latest movie.  

The list of the Top 15 attractions is as below:

3.     Sydney Opera House, Sydney  – World Heritage Site 
6.     Angkor Wat, Cambodia - World Heritage Site 

Check out some amazing photographs of these places taken by TripAdvisor travellers at

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