Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Health & Fitness Take Backseat As Indulgence Takes Centre Stage on Holiday

However, wellness & fitness theme holidays catching on with Indian vacationers

TripAdvisor® India, the world’s largest travel site, today announced the results of its Health on Holiday survey conducted across 5800 respondents.
Mapping the holiday psyche of Indians, the survey reveals that people are in the mood for excesses and unrestrained merrymaking on their vacation, with holiday makers sleeping less, eating more junk food, as well as drinking and smoking more. 

At the same time 46% respondents acknowledged taking a vacation at a spa/detox/weight loss resort or a yoga/meditation/Ayurveda retreat. This trend was complemented by 49% respondents who also claimed to have taken an adventure/fitness holiday focused on physical activities rather than relaxation.

Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India elucidates, “Our survey has revealed an interesting dichotomy in the behavior of Indian travellers when it comes to health on holiday. While the survey points to a growing awareness and adoption of wellness & fitness holidays; on a regular vacation ‘indulgence’ still seems to be the agenda for most people.” 

Throw caution to the winds
ü  49% holiday goers sleep fewer hours on holiday than they do at home
ü  60% travellers indulge more on food and only 22% try to eat a healthier diet on vacation
ü  63% respondents agree their consumption of junk food increases
ü  Among those who enjoy their tipple, 61% confessed to drinking more than usual on holiday. Only 39% managed to exercise restraint, drinking the same or less than their usual habit. However, Indians seem to be easy drinkers with the average alcoholic drinks for 60% respondents limited to 1-2 per day and only 34% indulging in 3+ drinks.
ü  Cigarettes is a vice many seem to have slightly better control on as one-third of the smokers reported smoking same or lesser on holiday and only 28% puffing away more. A troubling trend here is to see that among those who acknowledged smoking on holiday, 39% were actually non-smokers who only light up on holiday. 

Despite this decadent and gluttonous agenda, surprisingly 81% said they feel refreshed and re energised following the holiday. The holiday self indulgence could also be responsible for the worry about gaining weight on holiday, which 53% respondents admit troubles them at least sometimes. 

Spa Namoured
As if the rapid pace with which spas are burgeoning across the country isn’t testament enough, our survey shows Indians are getting hooked to the pampering experience - even on holiday.  

ü  34% respondents listed ‘booking spa treatments’ as one of the top things they do on holiday to keep mentally/physically healthy
ü  42% respondents listed availability of a  spa as the second most important thing to influence their decision of choosing hotel / resort for vacation
ü  31% respondents said they have taken a holiday at a spa resort

However, while a large segment of holiday makers are well aware of the concept of wellness vacations, most have yet to experience diverse wellness holiday options. 

A good 61% respondents were familiar with the concept of wellness holidays. However, when quizzed if they had taken a holiday to any of a range of wellness resorts, apart from the 31% respondents who claimed to have visited a spa resort on holiday, the response for other kind of wellness resorts was low. 

Yoga or Meditation Retreats
Ayurveda Resort
Detox and Weight loss resort

To add to this, 54% said they had never visited any of these types of resorts

Top 3...

Things travellers do on holiday to keep mentally/physically healthy

Play sport
Play games (e.g. card games)
Book spa treatments (if available)

Things that influence decision of choosing hotel / resort for vacation

Swimming pool

Things that keep vacationers who sleep less on holiday, up at night

Staying up late into the night spending time with family/friends/spouse at the hotel.
Dining till late into the night
Partying at a club/bar till late into the night

Ways in which vacationers who eat healthier on holiday, keep their diet in check

Always order healthy food items from the menu
Avoid junk food
Avoid street food

Ailments vacationers are prepared to battle with their medicine kit


On Guard on Holiday?

·         Only 17% respondents said they always purchased medical insurance for self/family on holiday. 51% said they only buy it when they travel internationally.
·         Only 30 % respondents said they are cautious to get a health check up before an adventure/physically challenging holiday
·         79% respondents admitted to always carry a medicine kit on holiday. 

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